Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kingston Hotel

Kingston Hotel is located in Fajar area and just at the back of Kingston Executive Hotel. The hotel is simple using renovated shop lot. Rooms are nice awith good pricing from RM 66 - 120 depend on types of room. Looking for food is not a problem if your staying here because there is a Sabah Chicken Rice Shop beside it. If you like Malay food, there is a Malay restaurant on the other side at the same block. Beside the hotel is Perdana Club where you can have a drink or western food at the cafe or try the Chinese food at the 2nd Floor of the Perdana Club. On Saturday, u can try the dim sum at the Chinese Restaurant at the Perdana Club.

1 comment:

Khilafi epi said...

all comfortable except wifi only, is not as usual hotel used and my laptop always can't connected kingston wifi because should browser automatic display username & password to insert but not on my laptop... my advised change wifi system to usual hotel used. you regular customer